Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GoSaurer Episode 5 release

BroSubs is once again proud to bring you more GoSaurer goodness! In this very special episode, we learn of the benefits of robot dinosaur taxi cabs, the advantages of simply bringing eating contests home with you, and the importance of never leaving home without a telephone line hotwired to your lungs.

The Most Hotblooded Gosaurer Episode 5: Earth's last sunday

Enjoy! Last time, some folks had some trouble with subtitles looking funky and going off the screen- I would recommend viewing with Windows Media Player Classic or ZOOM Media player for best results.

Also, it's worth noting that due to technical difficulties, Micron Legend is on indefinite hiatus and for the time being we're going to start working on Dragonar and giving it some proper subbing love, so be on the lookout for that.


  1. :/ No more Micron Legend? What were the difficulties?

  2. I believe the raws were lost and need to be reaquired.

  3. The Dragonar announce made me come back here, only to discover there's a new Gosaurer I missed! Thanks guys.

  4. The problem with the text is most likely due to missing fonts. I extracted the ASS scripts and took a look, and you used a lot of non-standard fonts.

  5. are you guys still subbing gosaurer????